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Healthcare Workforce Consortium

In collaboration with the AHIMA Foundation, NCHL participates in Department of Labor-sponsored Healthcare Workforce Consortium. The Consortium will work to help health systems and other health sector employers across the country to develop new apprenticeship programs in their areas of greatest workforce need.

As the costs of higher education continue to rise and the pace of change continues to escalate, more decision-makers are questioning whether our “one-time/full-time” approach to higher education is really the best model for supporting healthcare's future workforce needs.

Pair this with findings that most professional learning takes place on the job rather than the classroom, and it’s no wonder many chief human resource and learning officers are wondering whether their workplaces could be the ones supplying degrees and other credentials.

The question is not just hypothetical. In recent years, the US Department of Labor has increasingly recognized how important the workplace can be as a source of learning and professional preparation—both as a complement and in some cases an alternative to pursuing additional degrees

In 2016, the US announced a $90 million investment to expand establishment of formal work-based learning programs as part of their ApprenticeshipUSA initiative.

A portion of this support will be geared specifically toward the healthcare sector, where the opportunities for work-based learning approaches may be particularly significant. As health systems seek to continue strengthening the health of the communities they serve, many are recognizing that stable employment and career growth can be particularly important determinants of long-term health.

Apprenticeship Accelerator Meeting

The Apprenticeship Accelerator for Healthcare Meeting was held Friday, September 8, 2017, at Malcolm X College Chicago. The event brought together healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare driven fields to discuss the development of apprenticeship programs in areas of greatest workforce needs.

If you have any questions regarding the event, please contact Chelsea Johnson at or 312-563-6356.

You may access presentations and handouts from the healthcare accelerator by visiting

Would you like to learn more about how registered apprenticeships can help your organization address skill gaps as well as grow next-generation talent? Please contact Joyce Anne Wainio or call 312-563-6632.

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