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The National Council on Administrative Fellowships (NCAF) offers a centralized application service to simplify the application process for fellowship applicants and administrative fellowship sites.

NAFCAS allows NCAF administrative fellowship sites to collect and manage applications more easily, while providing a simplified and streamlined application process for applicants. The platform also allows NCAF to readily compile aggregate data for benchmarking purposes.

Download the NAFCAS Overview & FAQs Sheet


NAFCAS will open for a second-round application cycle.

The second-round application cycle will be open from November 28, 2017-January 31, 2018 with a limited pool of fellowship sites.

During the second-round application cycle, begin your administrative fellowship application on the centralized application service using this link. Please note, the application deadlines for these sites will vary.

To download a guide for the NAFCAS application process, please click here.

To learn more about available opportunities, visit the searchable, public-facing NCAF fellowship site directory here.

Applicant Benefits:

  • Allows applicants to search, select, and review over 70 fellowship sites from across the country using one centralized service
  • Delivers an intuitive online application experience with comprehensive instructions, checklists, and dedicated customer support services
  • Enables applicants to apply to multiple administrative fellowship sites using a single centralized service to record personal information, academic history, and to request and track recommendation letters
  • Allows applicants to readily check the status of their applications from a computer or mobile device

For NAFCAS questions, please contact customer service at (857) 304-2094 or


Post your fellowship application using NAFCAS.

Want to post your fellowship application during the second-round application cycle using NAFCAS? Become an NCAF member today using this link.

Fellowship Site Benefits:

  • Offers exposure to a broader national spectrum of applicants
  • Provides the ability to configure a uniquely branded home page and site-specific application requirements, such as custom questions, personal statements, essays, and resumes
  • Provides secure, online access to real-time, rich applicant data including GPAs, schools attended, degrees received, and demographic information
  • Allows for efficient ranking and scoring of applicants based on customizable criteria
  • Permits sites to maintain unique review processes with tools for coordinating the evaluation of applications and scheduling of applicant interviews
  • Includes robust data analytics and customizable queries and reporting for better applicant decisions

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