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Administrative fellowships typically involve one to two year roles taken by recent graduates from master’s level health administration/management, health policy, healthcare MBA, and equivalent degree programs, to prepare them for leadership-track careers in the health sector. Fellowships are widely viewed as highly valuable opportunities for early careerists, but their pursuit and management also pose significant challenges for student applicants, university program directors, and administrative fellowship directors alike. Could it be time for a new approach?

In this special issue of JHAE, we are seeking thoughtful, data-driven analyses and commentaries concerning the current state of administrative fellowship programs, and the direction of these programs in the future. Subjects could include, but are not limited to:

  • Historical perspectives. How have administrative fellowships evolved over time, and what does this evolution mean for the healthcare management profession?
  • Career impact. How have administrative fellowships affected career progression?
  • Can we attribute leaders’ success in part to these early experiences?
  • Current challenges. What challenges do students face in successfully pursuing fellowships? What challenges do program directors face in supporting them? What challenges do administrative fellowship directors and their programs face in sponsoring these opportunities? Are these challenges improving over time, getting worse, or not changing?
  • Future directions. How might the administrative fellowship model work better for all stakeholders (i.e., students, program directors, fellowship directors)? Is a standardized timeline, application process, or “national match” the answer? How might the availability of administrative fellowships be expanded? How might administrative fellowships be cultivated in non-traditional settings?

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