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Lifelong Leadership Inventory

Using the NCHL Health Leadership Competency Model as its foundation, the Lifelong Leadership Inventory (LLI) is a self assessment that enables a student or leader to evaluate the competency behaviors against their current capability and importance to their career. The assessment can be taken at different points of an individual’s career to plan and assess their leadership competence.

Other Readings

Calhoun JG, Dollet L, Sinioris ME, Wainio JA, Butler PW, Griffith JR, Warden GL. “Development of an interprofessional competency model for healthcare leadership.” Journal of Healthcare Management. 2008 Nov-Dec; 53(6): 375-389.
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Calhoun JG, Wainio JA, Sinioris ME, Decker M, Hearld LR, Brandsen LE. “Outcomes-based health management and policy education: Baseline findings from a national curriculum development demonstration project.”Journal of Health Administration Education. 2009 Summer; 26(3): 171-191.
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