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About NCHL: Advancing Evidence-based Leadership Practices

What We Do

NCHL champions three premier membership programs that advance healthcare leadership. These are the Leadership Excellence Networks (LENS), US Cooperative of International Patient Programs (USCIPP), and National Council on Administrative Fellowships (NCAF).

Each of these programs supports a portfolio of interorganizational collaborations that address critical issues facing today’s leaders as they pursue excellence and solutions.

Our Mission & Vision

The National Center for Healthcare Leadership (NCHL) is a nonprofit organization that works to ensure that high-quality, relevant, and accountable leadership is available to meet the needs of 21st century healthcare. Our vision is to optimize the health of the public through leadership and organizational excellence.

Our Strategy

NCHL works to catalyze the field to initiate and sustain leadership and organizational excellence that will improve the health of the population. Our work foci is in four areas:

  • Facilitating the spread of promising leadership practices
  • Recognizing contributions of healthcare leadership profession, both individuals and organizations
  • Creating collaborations that emphasize leadership within and among organizations
  • Building the evidence base of what works in leadership development

NCHL strives to be an authoritative and objective source for evidence-based healthcare leadership practices, and to bring healthcare leaders together to advance industry standards and innovation for leadership excellence. With our healthcare expertise and inter-professional and cross-industry perspective, our cutting-edge research aims to drive systemic and sustainable changes.

Our Leadership

An exceptional cadre of high-level industry executives form NCHL’s Board of Directors, representing all healthcare sectors, including providers, suppliers, insurers, academics, professional organizations, and policy makers. These leaders support NCHL’s catalytic efforts to facilitate the spread of best practices, recognize individual and organizational leadership in the field, create collaborations that accelerate change, and build the evidence base to meet the industry’s challenges with improved leadership capabilities.

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