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The History of NCHL's Health Leadership Competency Model 2.1™

In the early 2000's, the landmark NCHL Health Leadership Competency Model 2.1 was created through research with practicing health leaders and managers across the administrative, nursing and medical professions, and early, mid, and advanced career stages. In addition, the Competency Model incorporated benchmark data from other health sectors and insurance companies, and composite leadership competencies from a group of global corporations. Although health delivery underscores the study, the benchmarks incorporated into the development of the Competency Model gave it validity for health in its widest sense.

The purpose of the Health Leadership Competency Model was to improve the health status of the entire country through effective health leadership by:

  • Establishing core competencies for health leaders at all levels of the career cycle
  • Strengthening the practice of health leaders with academic research
  • Defining continuous learning opportunities for health leaders
  • Increasing the diversity of health leaders

Consistent with this goal, leadership competencies were defined as the technical and behavioral characteristics that leaders must possess to be successful in positions of leadership across the health professions – administrative, medical and nursing.

Competency Model 2.1 served as the basis for focusing training and development initiatives for health leadership from graduate education through the course of their careers. The Competency Model provided health systems across the country with a template for selecting and developing leaders who can meet the challenges of 21st century health and provided a guide for reorienting human resource development to stimulate the capabilities that make the most difference to performance. And, finally, the Competency Model supported health management programs in higher education sharpen their curriculum in ways that will prepare graduates to become industry leaders.

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