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NCHL Organizational Assessments

National Leadership Index

The National Leadership Index Questionnaire compares a healthcare organization’s leadership development practices with NCHL evidence-based best practices in healthcare and in private industries. The feedback report shows how the participating organizations, as an aggregate group, compare to healthcare organizations and how all healthcare organizations compare to benchmark organizations.

Strategic Human Resource Alignment Assessment

The purpose of this tool is to stimulate activity and improve human resources practices in support of leadership development efforts within healthcare organizations. This assessment tool is built around evidenced-based best practices related to leadership development efforts, specifically the attraction, retention, and development of leadership talent.

Governance Alignment Assessment

This survey aims to assess how engaged health system and hospital Board of Trustees are in leadership development, succession planning, and organizational performance improvement. The feedback report will help to provide a better understanding of the scope and nature of your Board’s and management’s commitment to and active engagement in these activities.

Governance Effectiveness Assessment

This self-evaluation measures and compares the extent to which a Board both adopts and embraces "best practice" processes that are valued within not-for-profit healthcare governance. The aim is to stimulate discussions regarding these various identifiable processes and ongoing improvement.

Organizational Diversity and Cultural Proficiency Assessment

This tool enables your organization to compare current practices with best practices that not only facilitate career advancement for women and racially/ethnically diverse individuals, but also provide the organizational supports clinicians need to deliver care that is culturally competent. Culturally competent is defined as respectful of the values, beliefs and behaviors of diverse patients. Demographic diversity includes race, ethnicity, gender, and other dimensions of diversity such as religion and sexual orientation.

Learning Program Inventory

This tool enables organizations to assess the alignment of the leadership development programs offered at their organizations.

NCHL Individual Assessments

Lifelong Leadership Inventory

This assessment enables an individual to evaluate the importance of the competencies and how well this individual believes he/she is performing. The assessment can be taken at different points of an individual’s career to plan and assess career progression.

Health Leadership Competency Assessment

Based on the NCHL Health Leadership Competency Model, this multi-rater 360-degree assessment evaluates behavior and technical competencies of individuals by direct reports, peers, superiors, and self-assessment. The feedback report includes aggregate feedback information per domain and competency, target levels for each competency, frequency data by rater group, and verbatim feedback. NCHL offers three career-stage specific 360-degree instruments (early, mid-level, or advanced career).

Organizational Climate Survey

This Hay Group tool is designed to assess six climate dimensions: flexibility, responsibility, standards, rewards, clarity, and team commitment.

For more information contact Joyce Anne Wainio at 312.563.6632.

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