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National Council on Administrative Fellowships

NCAF is an organization of fellowship programs and graduate programs in healthcare management who are working together to continuously improve early-career development opportunities for our next-generation healthcare leaders.

In 2016, NCAF Members agreed to collaboratively support the following practices:

  • A uniform application deadline: Monday, October 3rd
  • A uniform initial offer date: Monday, November 14th
  • A 48-hour decision window for students
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Administrative fellowships typically involve 1-2 year roles taken by recent graduates from master’s level MHA, healthcare MBA, and equivalent degree programs, and prepare early careerists for leadership-track careers in the health sector. Although these programs are widely viewed as highly valuable, there is equally widespread recognition that the historical ‘free market’ approach resulted in a highly inefficient process, one that created significant and needless pressure on student applicants, interfered substantially with their graduate studies, and resulted in substantial variability in program quality.

In 2014 NCHL, in collaboration with AUPHA and CAHME, embarked on an exploratory project to determine whether there was a critical mass of interest in the field to pursue a more organized and collaborative approach to the fellowship process. This included two national surveys, one of graduate program directors and one of fellowship preceptors, as well as a series of information sessions with representatives from stakeholder groups throughout year. These efforts indicated clear interest and need for the (1) establishment of a “code of good practice,” and (2) establishment of an oversight body to ensure the code is adopted and upheld.


The member-supported National Council on Administrative Fellowships was launched on October 1, 2014. NCAF members publicly agree to hold themselves and each other accountable to upholding and evolving the Code of Good Practice over time. NCAF’s work includes an Advisory Committee and four subcommittees: Code Implementation & Conduct, Application Process Improvement, Membership & Growth, and Benchmarks & Metrics.


The Code of Good Practice, which has been vetted and ratified by NCAF members, includes a uniform date for fellowship application deadlines, offer dates, and offer acceptance timeframes. These practices are in place for 2016’s application and recruitment process. The Code is successful to the extent that it becomes a living and enforceable set of standards. Getting there requires coordination and oversight and the resources to ensure these activities happen.


The cost of membership is $880 per calendar year. Members include graduate health management programs and healthcare administrative fellowship sites. A list of NCAF members can be found at:

For additional information and to find out how to join the National Council on Administrative Fellowships, contact Lindsey Tucker at or 312-563-6629.

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